Isn’t it time to let go of the confusion, shame, guilt and embarrassment around your sexuality… and bring back your innocence, passion, and full self-expression?

Aloha Be-Loved,

Are you ready to bring more passion and intimacy into your love life?

I hope so because what I’m about to share with you, Tantra, the Ancient Art of Sacred Sexuality, can do that for you.

The problem many of us face around intimacy and sexuality is confusion, shame or embarrassment. It’s not your fault… for the majority of us no one took the time or had the courage to teach us. Leaving us to learn from locker room talk, Hollywood or the porn industry.

This has a significant impact on how we love each other.

“We learned so much from our experience with you, and the results were immediate. We are learning to connect at a higher and a more emotional and spiritual level which we are carrying to not only our sex life, but our everyday relationship. Hard to believe that after 30 years we still have so much to learn and room to grow.”   

H & K, Florida

That is why I create this heart-opening workshop

A Taste Of Tantra…

Sacred Sexuality for the Lover’s Soul

Feb 11th – 12th at the Eternal Flame Sanctuary – Kilauea HI
This is the weekend before Valentines Day (hint… hint…)

What you will discover in this Powerful
Sacred Workshop:

  • Reawaken and increase the amount of intimacy, pleasure, and passion you experience in your body and in your relationships
  • Explore how to ask for what brings you ecstatic pleasure
  • Increase your confidence and understanding about how to give your lover more pleasure
  • Discover how to turn fast food sex into gourmet love making
  • Master your orgasms: secrets to delay, prolong & intensify them…

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I feel more open sexually and more connected to my partner. I want to explore more and take my time to enjoy. All the senses and chakras have been opened wide. NAMASTE”               

J.L. Santa Fe, NM

Sacred Sexuality Facilitators

Paul Sterling & Theresa

What you will learn from the Ancient Art of Sacred Sexuality:

Tantric Triangle

5 Elements of Tantric Touch

3 Sacred Positions

Breath of Love

The gift of RECEIVING

Tantra has personally transformed me from feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated around sex to feeling confident, competent and connected with my lover.

Tantra can help you bring back that youthful spontaneity, that innocence, that playfulness, that sense of wonder and that ability to see life and everything in it as an adventure. Leaving you feeling confident about the intimacy, pleasure and passion you create with your lover and in your life.

I help people create a loving, sensuous joyful and often life changing experience.

The most common reasons my people come to my Tantra workshops is that they want…


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